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coleman montana 8 person tent
Camping serves in various ways to maintain balance in our lives. Therefore, those who want to escape the drama of routine work prefer solo camping.

95.4/100 Our Score
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Special Feature: Rainfly
  • Occupancy: Seven-or-more-person

This Coleman Montana 8 Person tent is a complete package for campers. It has a mesh top and plenty of ventilation in the form of side windows. The tent is also known for its easy-to-set-up design, protecting you from rainwater with its effective bathtub design. Let’s read more to see the details of the specifications you get with this tent!. 

Camping serves in various ways to maintain balance in our lives. Therefore, those who want to escape the drama of routine work prefer solo camping. At the same time, others like to spend quality time with their families. Considering the needs of nature lovers, Coleman has extended the range of their tents based on their sizes. So, in addition to 2 person and 4 person tents, it has introduced unique 8-person tents. These tents make family camping fun.

This Coleman Montana 8 person tent review is one of our attempts to provide you with the best camping experience. Before presenting this review article to you, we’ve ensured that all the necessary factors will make your purchase worthwhile. Therefore, we’ll enlighten you with its key features and comparison with other 8-person tents. Moreover, we’ll also try to answer your queries at the end of this article.

We believe that this article will assist you in choosing your best camping companion with whom you can enjoy peaceful nights in winters, rainy seasons, or even in stormy weather.

Let’s dive right in!

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review – Performance and Key Features

The Coleman Montana 8-person tent is a large rectangular tent holding eight people and all their belongings. Also, it comes from one of the best tent companies and has many essential features for family camping. We’ll talk about each feature one at a time below. Check it out,


This 8-person Coleman Montana tent is named so for a reason. The tent with a 16′ x 7′ floor area has a lot of space, thanks to its 6 feet, 2 inches center height. So, you can easily fit a couple of large-sized air mattresses and plenty of your luggage in addition to enough space for eight people to sleep peacefully. Moreover, you can also adjust a couple of chairs for reading or watch the science views from the windows provided at the far ends of the tent

Coleman Montana 8 person tent review
Coleman Montana 8-person tent reviews


This Coleman 8-person Montana tent offers adequate breathability with two windows at the far ends. A small air vent in the ground can also be seen. So, overall, there is plenty of room for the fresh air to come in. However, for stargazing, you can opt for its latest version, the Coleman Elite Montana 8-person tent. That comes with a meshed top for perfect stargazing.

The simple Coleman Montana 8p tent is best for winters when you must close every vent, especially while sleeping at night. However, the small ground vent is better to keep open to avoid condensation, which could make your tent’s environment humid.

Weather Resistance

One of the key features every experienced camper thinks about is the weather resistance of his tent. Therefore, while writing this Coleman Montana 8 person tent review, we have taken great care to provide our readers with the most versatile and sturdiest 8-person tent.

This Coleman tent has served us the best in various weather conditions. For example, on our last trip, we met an unexpected thunderstorm. Although this tent is made from the best quality fiberglass, we were unsure if we could make it through or not. Well, two of us, this freestanding tent set up in only 18 minutes. And to our amusement, this Coleman Montana stood firm all two long hours of the heaviest storms we’ve encountered in our years of camping.

Moreover, the tent is best against the rain, as its rainfly extends extensively, covering the whole tent. Also, its angled windows help you get fresh air without a single raindrop in the tent.

So, to keep you intact, its sturdy poles work best. Also, the cabin shape, the angled windows, and the polyethylene floor in the bathtub shape all ensure that you enjoy a dry and peaceful stay inside your tent while it’s raining outside. 

Service Life/Durability

The durability of anything you buy is relative. That’s because how well you care and how well something is built decide how long that thing will serve you. Therefore, from Coleman’s end, this tent shows the company’s craftsmanship. The reason is that Coleman tries to put within an affordable price range while putting the best they can offer. Premium tent manufacturers utilize its polyethylene material with very premium price tags. So, for your waterproof camping, Coleman has your back.

While the fiberglass poles sound meager compared to glass poles, aluminum poles can withstand much load and pressure without being permanently deformed. However, as mentioned above, we had a fantastic experience with this Coleman in one of the heaviest thunderstorms we’ve encountered. So, it’s a good-to-go eight-person tent for family camping.


Although people neglect the portability of a tent once they purchase one, as promised in this Coleman Montana 8 person tent review, we’ll provide everything that matters. For the time being, our experienced campers have experienced a lot of shortcomings that we aim to highlight for you.

Coleman has taken sound care of the campers’ need to carry their tent easily. Therefore, this Coleman Montana can easily fit into a ripstop bag that can inflate until you are ready for your next adventure. Moreover, the lightweight package is easy on your shoulder and takes up very little space in your car or Jeep.

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent ReviewValue for Money

Coleman has a firm grasp on what their client is looking for. So, they are dedicated to giving campers things that fall in the middle in terms of quality and price. As a result, this Coleman Montana 8-person tent provides everything you need at a price you can afford.

However, the Coleman Elite Montana may be a better option if you’re looking for rechargeable LED lights and a meshed top.

What’s Included in the Package?

This Coleman Montana 8-person tent comes with everything you could want in a camping tent. It has the poles, the stakes, the guy lines, and the directions. The package also comes with a handy bag for storing everything, but the tent doesn’t have any extras like a gear holder.

To put your mobile phones and other gadgets, it has a couple of small pouches on the wall and a loop in the middle of the ceiling where you can hang a light. Also, you can just put the wire through the little zipper on the side to blow up an air mattress or power a generator.

Furthermore, placing a tarp under the tent can help you stay dry and cool. So, if you plan to camp in places with a lot of wind, you might want to buy more robust tent pegs and a seam sealer to make the tent even more watertight.

Who Is This Item Designed for?

This Coleman Montana 8 person tent review is one such series of articles where we aim to provide campers with the best tent for their needs. So, considering the workability, this Coleman Montana is an excellent tent for camping with a group. This Coleman tent is very spacious and can fit up to eight people. They could be all adults or two adults and five children. It’s great for groups, like a family, a camp, a festival, or even just two people going on a long trip.

Moreover, it is the best option whether you go camping, backpacking, car camping, glamping, hammock camping, or even backyard camping. The tent’s material is equally suitable for the winter, rainy, and summer seasons just by the wise use of the tent.

coleman montana tent

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent: A Comparison Between Elite and Regular Version  

The Elite Version Coleman Montana 8 person is the same as the regular version except for a few other things.

LED Light and USB Charging Port

The Elite version has a battery-powered LED lighting system for a more excellent time while camping at night. Also, you will get a USB charging port for your flashlights, mobile phones, and other gadgets. The LED light is the best feature, especially when you are with children and they do not sleep in the darkness. As with the customizable light intensity, you may set it anywhere from 100 to 5 lumens.

The regular Coleman Montana 8-person tent lacks these luxuries. However, you can save additional money on the Elite version if you want a tent for overnight stays or manage a portable battery and a lighting system.

Auto-Rolling Windows

Auto-rolling windows are another option in the Elite version of Coleman Montana 8 person tents. We don’t get this feature with the regular version. It’s a nice-looking feature; you don’t have to deal with the toggles and tags. But those who don’t want to break the bank can go for the regular version without a second thought.

Also, along with this rolling window option, there is an e-port in the Elite version of the Coleman Montana 8-person tent. So, you can bring your electrical equipment for the camp party with sound systems, read your favorite books, or create the best content for your next Vlog.

Meshed Top

If you love stargazing, you must be happy with your Coleman Montana Elite version. However, those who want this tent for nighttime sleep must be happy with the regular edition of the Coleman Montana 8-person tent. That’s because breathability is not an issue with the standard version. After all, two large windows are enough to provide your fresh air supply with the houseful.

Also, you can check our review on the best 8-person tents

Pros and Cons

  • Very robust
  • Water Resistant
  • Bathtub base  
  • Perfect breathability
  • Freestanding type
  • Angled windows
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to pitch (within 15 minutes)
  • Fiberglass Poles
  • No awnings
  • No LED light
  • Single Unit (without partition)

Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Review From a User

This is the first such big tent I own.” It is pretty easy to set up. However, the manual could be more detailed. The tent is comfortable, big enough to easily fit two queen-size mattresses (three would fit as well, I guess), and lets me stand in the center (I’m 187cm/6’1″). I spent one rainy night in it; nothing leaked inside.”

Our Verdict

Our staff has had great success with this Coleman Montana tent. When staff members wish to take their families on a camping vacation, we recommend this as the most acceptable option. Coleman Montana has earned our confidence because of its sturdy construction, lightweight design, and quick setup. It’s windy, rainy, or hailing outside, but we don’t remember when it was a problem while camping. As a result, the Coleman Montana 8-person tent is the best option if you’re looking for a durable shelter that won’t need as much work and can withstand harsh weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up Coleman Montana 8 person tent?

Coleman Montana is extremely easy-to-pitch. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to set up this freestanding tent.

How to choose the best 8 person tent from Coleman?

The best way to choose the perfect tent for your family’s camping is to read a review from any reliable website. You will get all the features, comparisons, and the tent’s pros and cons. Then you’ll finally be able to think if it’s good to go or not. One such example we have brought to you in the form of Coleman Montana 8 person tent review.

Can you put a Coleman tent in the washing machine?

When cleaning your tent, never put it in the washing machine. Never repack anything until it has had time to dry thoroughly after being exposed to air. Moreover, there should be no moisture present when you store your tent. And if you must dismantle the camp because of rain, do it as quickly as possible after it stops raining so that mildew and smells don’t develop.


This Coleman Montana 8 person tent review is our sole intention: to provide you with all the information you need before buying a Coleman family camping tent. Reading this article will make it straightforward to determine whether it’s the best tent for your requirements or if you should go for another tent. However, you may also check out Coleman 8 person tent review to see if your needs align with any of the tents on the list

We will look at the best tents and camping gear so that you can have a fun and safe camping trip. You can help by telling us in the comments section what you like about the review and what features you are searching for in a tent. 

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