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A Dark Room
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Coleman Skydome Tent
Coleman Skydome Tent
Tent with Instant Setup
Coleman Cabin Tent
Coleman Cabin Tent
Fast Pitch Setup
Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent
Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent

Hey there, in a rush but still want to make your camping experience top-notch? Look no further than Coleman Cabin Tent  – The perfect combination of convenience, comfort, and durability!

Camping is one of the most thrilling adventures in the world. Thousands of people go camping with family and friends for the first time every year. So, it has become imperative for tent manufacturers to make tents that you can set up quickly.

For instance, a tent is easier to pitch, has no complex parts, and saves time. On the other hand, those tents with complex parts can be trouble for you if you miss any of their crucial components.

Luckily, in this Coleman Instant Tent 8 Person Review, we’ve compiled a list of the five best easy-to-set-up tents. Coleman, among other top-tier manufacturers, has a range of freestanding tents that are very portable and easy to set up. Therefore, this review will present you with the best tents if you set out on your camping journey for the first time or often change your campsites while camping.

Coleman Best Instant Tents for eight people

The best part of this review is that it is very reliable and based on the experiences of our adventure lovers who are seasoned campers. We’ve tested these tents for 8 persons in different kinds of weather to tell you more about their applications and how well they hold up.

So, let’s get started without further ado!

List Of 5 Best Easy-To-Set-Up Tents – Coleman Instant Tent 8 Person Review

The following list comprises everything you need to know about the Coleman Best Instant Tents for eight people.

  1. Coleman Cabin Tent – The Best 8 person Tent with Instant Setup
  2. Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent – Coleman 8 Person Tent with Fast Pitch Setup
  3. Coleman Skydome Tent – A Dark Room Technology Free-Standing Tent
  4. Coleman Family Skydome Family tent with W/Screen Room
  5. Coleman Skylodge Instant Tent – The Most Easy-To-Pitch Tent

1. Coleman Cabin Tent – The Best 8 person Tent with Instant Setup

This Coleman Instant Tent 8 Person Review ranks the Coleman Cabin Tent second. It has two entrances, five windows, a dark rest design, a 60-second setup, and more. Luckily, this is not your typical cabin tent. It has slanted yet straightened walls with the frame pre-attached to the tent. So you can deploy it in under a minute when needed.

Moreover, since this Coleman 8 person instant tent is independent, you may set it on any surface—including concrete, grass, sand, or rock, inside or outside. It also has buckles in the corners that attach the fly to the tent base. And you get five expansive windows to provide vistas with this tent. For the extensive headroom, the peak height of this tent is 79 inches (201 cm). and two doors (one hinged). Moreover, the five windows with mesh and privacy screens make this tent a complete package for all kinds of campers.

coleman cabin tent 8 person

According to the company that made it, this tall, boxy tent can withstand winds of more than 35 mph. The rain fly on this tent covers almost the top of the tent, yet to avoid rain coming from the side windows, you’ll need to buy an extra rainfly. 

For privacy, the two rooms have two doors and a moveable partition, so it’s best for couples or a family with kids. The construction of this tent is also not in question because it is made entirely of steel. Therefore, the robust design is a plus aspect of this tent. However, only the hinged entrance poles are flexible fiberglass.

coleman cabin tent

Among other specifications, all the windows have zippers, which is unusual given their price. Moreover, its WeatherTec, unique welded flooring, and shielded seams maintain this Coleman’s material quality. Also, the WeatherTec system has polyester flies and walls and a light PU coating.

For ideal breathability, this Coleman Cabin Tent for eight people has you covered, as there is enough mesh on the ceiling and the windows. So, ventilation should never be a massive problem with this tent.

Other luxury features, including E-cable ports, lantern rings, and guy lines and stakes, are all included. So, you will have the perks of a luxury tent at the price of a medium-range tent.

Pros and Cons

  • E-ports
  • Lantern rings
  • Side wall pockets and gear loft  
  • Sturdy structure
  • Best bad weather resistance
  • Short rainfly
  • No angled windows
  • Not suitable for winter or stormy season
  • Fiberglass poles

What Do Users Say About This Product?

“……. I am SO VERY GLAD that I purchased this tent! I am a 53-year-old, single woman, and it was so easy to set up all by myself – and fast, too! Admittedly, it takes a bit more to get it tucked back into the bag when I’m done, but not as bad as some. I use a Coleman twin air bed folding cot, so I was able to tuck my bag and whatnot under the cot and have plenty of space for a small chair in the corner and standing/dressing (I’m 5′ 9″ and can almost stand up straight, which was excellent for dressing) …….”

Our Verdict

This Coleman Tent instant tent for eight people is the best bet for all campers. Its luxurious features cover all your needs and make you feel at home even when staying away from home.

2. Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent – Coleman 8 Person Tent with Fast Pitch Setup

The Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent is next on the five best Coleman instant tent 8 Person Reviews list. So, this summer, pitch your tent wherever you want in this freestanding 2-room cabin tent. This Coleman 8 person tent is a cabin-style tent and implies a lot: many large windows, straightened and tall walls, a partial coverage fly, an all-mesh ceiling, and more.

For the most part, it is fast and easy to set up since it has pre-attached, color-coded poles, quick-fit feet, and instant-clip suspension, meaning you can pitch this tent in less than 10 minutes, much faster than other 8-person freestanding Coleman tents.

A built-in closet with several shelves makes storing your equipment, boots, and clothing a breeze. This closet is an addition to the body of the tent. It is at the back, across from the door. Its area is insignificant; you have four ft2 (0.37 m2).

Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent

The most vital thing about this 8 person coleman instant tent is that all roof poles are connected to the top hub element with shock cords and fixed in place. And season-wise, this tent is suitable for camping in warm weather and can be used in calm, windless areas for most of summer. However, one can also use it in moderately cold weather but never forget to take some warm clothes with you.

In addition to the necessary features that must be a part of your camping tent, it offers some luxury features. These include reflective guy lines, an e-port for charging gadgets, and a carrying bag with wheels.

Most novice campers and those who do not want to make an effort to set up their tent prefer this Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent for 8 persons.

Coleman 8 Person Tent with Fast Pitch Setup

Pros and Cons

  • Two rooms
  • Colored and shock-corded poles
  • E-ports  
  • Instant set up
  • Lacks front awning
  • For only the summer season

What Do Users Say About This Product?

“……If you love tent camping but you need some room to breathe and a little privacy, or If you love taking breezy naps after a long hike, or if you want to try sleeping under the stars and not having to worry about bugs or critters… This tent is for you! I absolutely love this tent. The mesh dome of the tent is so beautiful….” 

Our Verdict

This tent is excellent for family camping trips in the summer because it has a room divider, a mesh ceiling, large windows, and a lot of living space.

3. Coleman Skydome 8 Person Tent – A Freestanding Tent with Dark Room Technology

Coleman 8-Person Dark Room, The Skydome Camping Tent, rejects 90% of the sunlight, making it the most suitable instant family tent for daytime sleep. Moreover, this tall, friendly, easy-to-use family camping tent is inexpensive.

Furthermore, because of its high and straight sides, this dome tent has 20% greater headroom than Coleman dome tents. The tent is also very tall for a dome of this size, having a central standing height of 6′ 4″. Moreover, the two poles that support the dome and tent in this modest single-room building keep the whole structure intact even in the worst weather.

For the entrance, you have one door with a double-wall mesh-and-panel window, and you can also keep the mesh on most of the time since the brim above the entrance protects it perfectly. Furthermore, this is a freestanding tent, so you can spin it and move about even after installing the fly. The only problem we found is the fly is a half-coverage kind with no vestibule on the front but covers most of the tent.

The dark room technology allows you to sleep well past dawn and decreases tent heat, making daytime rest more pleasant. Also, this design is ideal if you camp with young children who need daytime naps. This camping tent protects you from harsh sunlight more efficiently than any other tent. At the same time, the frame is also famous for resisting 35 mph winds.

With its ample capacity, it holds eight people in 108 ft2 (10 m2) of space. Also, the fiberglass poles offer exciting characteristics. For instance, the tent foundation has little pockets on the front for storing pole ends. As far as the tent’s material is concerned, the floor, fly, and walls appear robust. It also has a gear loft and mesh wall pockets for small items.

 So, to conclude the discussion, the height and darkness make it attractive and comfortable. This tent is best if you want a reputable camping tent for occasional outdoor experiences.

Pros and Cons

  • No sunlight inside
  • Bugs and mosquitos free
  • Beautiful aesthetics  
  • Spacious with lots of headroom
  • No vestibules
  • Half rainfly

What Do Users Say About This Product?

“…… Easy to assemble, no light inside thereby avoids attract of any mosquitos, ample of space to stand properly ….” 

Our Verdict

If you are camping with newborns who cannot sleep in direct sunlight, this is the ideal 8-person tent. Also, it’s hard to say no to the Dark Room technology if you want to explore nature at night and relax during the day. Therefore, it might be your camping tent if money is not an issue. However, you may also look for the Coleman Family Skydome Family tent with W/Screen Room as the final product in the Coleman Instant tent 8 person review.

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4. Coleman Family Skydome tent with W/Screen Room

Those looking for a two-room cozy family tent with an elevated roof would love this Coleman Skydome 8 Person Tent. The tent has screen rooms with complete sunlight protection, making it a perfect tent to rest in.

Although Coleman also offers some similar tents, this tent has the most significant space. The extended front screen room is ideal if you want to enjoy stargazing, book reading, or simply the landscape of your campsite.

At the entrance, you’ll get an inverted T-shape zipped door to the front screen room. Furthermore, there is a D-shaped door to the second room. The steeper side poles increase shoulder room for you by up to 20% more than you get in other similar products from Coleman.

Moreover, this double-layer tent covers you with a 6’3″ center height. Therefore, this is the best tent for both resting and partying.

Those looking for a two-room cozy family tent with an elevated roof would love this Coleman Skydome 8 Person Tent. The tent has screen rooms with complete sunlight protection, making it a perfect tent to rest in

Although the company has not mentioned the tent material, the walls look polyester, while the tent floor seems polyethylene. However, the strength and waterproofness of the tent are not something to worry about. Coleman covers you with the WeatherTec system, double-layer walls, bathtub base, extended rainfly, and fiberglass poles.

And finally, for perfect ventilation, the canopy and part of the inner door are covered with a lot of mesh. The screen room has two compartments in it.

Overall, it’s a nice setup, but the fact that there are no floor vents bothers us. The plus is that the side’s rainfly did not reach the floor, so there should be enough airflow.

Other features you can see in the products mentioned above include e-ports and side pockets. So, if you want a peaceful stay near Mother Nature, this is your tent. 

Pros and Cons

  • Meshed screen
  • E-ports
  • WeatherTec system  
  • Bathtub leakproof base
  • Bit pricier
  • Fiberglas poles

What Users Say About This Product?

“…… I use this as my tent for drive in camping. It is spacious and easily fit two people and a dog. I love the weatherproof screen room and my dog loves sleeping in it. Quality for price is great. Seams are sealed and has a bucket tarp bottom to keep water out. This makes a great tent for casual camping for a small family or individuals who want my space ….” 

Our Verdict

In the Coleman Instant tent 8 person review, this Skydome tent with W/Screen is my favorite. This tent is sturdy, has a lot of floor space, lets air in well, and has enough headroom for easy movement inside.

5. Coleman Skylodge Instant Tent – The Most Easy-To-Pitch Tent

The Coleman Skylodge Instant Tent for eight people is an excellent choice if you need a robust and long-lasting shelter that can be set up quickly and has good airflow. With this brand-new tent in less than 10 minutes of setup time, the ease of pitching a tent has far surpassed what we thought it would be like.

Regarding staying in the Skylodge tent, what a great tent! During the warmer months of camping, the mesh sunroof, roof entrance, and three windows on opposite walls help with cross ventilation. Also, one of the two large pockets could fit a small audio player and headphones, a wallet, a phone, two headlamps, and other small items. Also, its E-port electrical sleeve makes it easy to connect our gear to a power source without letting the heat out of the bag.

Coleman Skylodge Instant Tent

With that said, this tent’s robust aluminum pole frame makes it feel like it can withstand high winds, and the color-coded rainfly makes it easy to find your way in the dark. So, your search for a spacious family camping tent is over.

This Coleman Skylodge tent can fit eight to ten people, depending on the luggage you have with you. Moreover, its instant pitching and dismantling are the icing on top. Also, the inside of the tent is extensive, with a lot of floor space and headroom. This spacious floor space makes it a good choice for families.

This one has won us over regarding tents for family camping. With this beautiful camping tent, we’re now sure that having shelter right away is a breeze. This tent is great if you are new to camping or want to make things easier for your group when you go camping.

  • Quick Setup
  • Very Robust
  • Spacious  
  • Very beautiful
  • Not the best options for stormy weather
  • Single door

What Do Users Say About This Product?

“…. First off, this thing is huge. You could easily fit ten people in this tent. It is also simple to set up. This tent was up and ready to go with one person in just a couple of minutes. Putting it away is more of a two-person task, but still manageable by one if necessary. The poles are fixed in the tent itself, so you’re not fumbling around connecting parts. There are a number of storage pockets inside and a centered ring for hanging a lantern…”

Our Verdict

We enjoyed how big this tent was. It was easy for eight people and all their stuff to fit inside. Also, campers will find it hard to pass up the side pockets, gear loft, e-port, and meshed windows. So, if you want a comfortable camping trip, this Coleman Skylodge instant tent could be the one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the easiest and fastest Coleman 8 Person tent to set up?

Coleman’s Skylodge Instant Tent is the best choice because it is well-made. Its Setup is easy and quick. It won’t take more than ten minutes to do it yourself. Moreover, the sturdy poles ensure that your tent won’t fall over, and the water and weather-resistant canvas keeps you dry and comfortable even when it’s hot outside.

Is there a tent that sets itself up?

The Instant Tent is great for campers who like being outside but don’t like setting up their tents. Once you open it up, it will land on the ground, all set up. It takes 10 seconds to fold back up and sets up in two!

Is it easy to backpack with a pop-up tent?

A pop-up tent is excellent for weekend camping trips, bike tours, and other outdoor adventures because it is small and easy to carry. Amazingly, you don’t need special skills to set up the tents. It just pops up and stays in place with steel or fiberglass poles provided.


This Coleman Instant Tent 8 Person Review is for campers searching for a fast-pitching family tent. We not only take care of the pitching time but also review the build quality, specifications, and features of the best tents we come across on our camping journey. This article manifests our sheer enthusiasm for camping; you will find us camping near mother nature or writing about it. Therefore, we are always at your service if you have some queries about tents and their gear.

So, never forget to post your feedback in the comment section.

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