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Coleman Skydome 8 Person Tent Review

9.4/100 Our Score
  • Material: Nylon
  • Special Feature: Rainfly
  • Seasons : All Weather

This Coleman Montana 8 Person tent is a complete package for campers. It has a mesh top and plenty of ventilation in the form of side windows. The tent is also known for its easy-to-set-up design, protecting you from rainwater with its effective bathtub design. Let’s read more to see the details of the specifications you get with this tent!. 

We know you struggle to find a tent with perfect livability and comfort for year-round family camping trips. Hence, for your convenience, the Coleman Skydome 8-Person tent could be a long-term solution for you. Therefore, we aim to provide you with a detailed Coleman Skydome 8 person tent review. In this article, we will enlist the critical features of this Colman eight-person tent along with its applications, comparison with other eight-person tents, and pros and cons.

We know you struggle to find a tent with perfect livability and comfort for year-round family camping trips. Hence, for your convenience, the Coleman Skydome 8-Person tent could be a long-term solution for you.
Coleman Skydome tent 8-person

This piece is part of our effort to make camping as enjoyable as possible for you. By checking all the boxes, we’ve ensured that this review article is worth your time and money. As a result, we’ll fill you in on its salient characteristics and how it stacks up against competing for 8-person tents. In addition, we’ll address any concerns you may have after the article.

If you read this article, you should be able to make an informed decision on which camping tent would best suit your needs, whether you’re looking for someone to spend quiet evenings in the snow, rain, or even a storm with.

Let’s give it a read!

Coleman Skydome 8 Person Tent Review – Salient Features

Here we’ve listed all the features you’ll get with this Coleman 8 person family tent. So, reading these features and their applications, you will better understand whether this tent is worth a purchase.

Freestanding Tent – Instant Pitching 8 Person Tent

This tent is freestanding thanks to the absence of vestibules and the inclusion of a rainfly that is only half the length. This freestanding nature enables you to manipulate it even while the fly is still attached since it allows you to spin it around. Therefore, setting up this Coleman Skydome tent is straightforward, regardless of location.

Note: Even though setting up this tent isn’t hard, it might take some practice to get it right. So, before camping with your family for the first time, you should try setting up this tent in your backyard.

Perfect Breathability

The tent features one big door in the front and a window with mesh and a screen to make it even safer and more private. The mesh often stays on the window because a short pole can be used to create a little brim.

On the back and the sides, there is a lot of mesh. Because of this, air can always flow from the front brim. But this Coleman Skydome 8-person tent doesn’t have a floor vent, which could help prevent condensation when all the other vents and windows are closed in the winter.

Spacious Floor Area

There’s a perfect room for eight people as the tent has 108 square feet. That makes around 13.5 square feet per person, which is more than enough. While eight sleeping mats might fit on the floor given the proportions, this would never work in reality on a camping trip. Therefore, a 50% reduction is necessary. In our opinion, this tent would be ideal for a family with a couple of young children, or as a luxury choice for two people going camping. However, with friends, you can easily manage eight people in the tent for sleeping purposes.

Coleman Skydome 8 Person Tent Review

Perfect Height – The Best 8-Person Tent for Party and Get-Together

This dome-shaped tent from Coleman is the perfect match if you are searching for a high tent. It has superior headroom for indoor parties and camping in the woods, meadows, valleys, or near lakes. The 6’4’’ headroom is enough for even the tallest person in your crew to stand comfortably. So, this Skydome tent is a home away from home for you.

Light-Weight – Easy to Carry Coleman Skydome tent 8 person

While discussing the Coleman Skydome 8 person tent review, how can we forget the ease of carrying the tent while camping? So, here are the facts about the weight of this eight-person camping tent. Weight-wise, this is considered to be a mid-range eight-person tent. The tent weighs 22.1 lbs., so it’s easy to carry on a family camping trip. It’s also perfect when you aim to change your campsites more often during your tours. So, you will be at ease whenever you want to shift your camp because this is a comparatively light-weight freestanding 8-person tent.


The Coleman Skydome, an eight-person tent, has plenty of mesh areas. Therefore, it is suitable for summer camping as the mesh cannot protect you from the cold winds in the winter.

Moreover, this Skydome has Coleman’s tried-and-true WeatherTec technology. Its floor looks like a bathtub, with welded edges and seams opposite to keep water from getting into the sleeping area. When it rains, water can’t get in through the seams of the rainfly. So, it perfectly keeps you dry inside your tent. You can also learn a few hacks on “how to keep your tent dry inside.”

The dome shape of the tent also lets it shed water when it rains. Additionally, the screen room is made waterproof by adding removable weatherproof panels. These panels are part of the screen porch option. It’s important to know that this tent’s regular model doesn’t come with a rainfly that completely covers the tent. Because of this, it works best in climates where heavy rain is an exception rather than the norm.

Due to its low wind resistance, the 8-Person Skydome should be used carefully. Also, Coleman says that their tent can stand up to winds of more than 30 miles per hour, but there are many reasons why you shouldn’t go out of your way to find such conditions.

First, the Coleman Skydome 8-person camping tent is set apart by its fiberglass poles. Fiberglass is cheaper and lighter than aluminum, but when there are strong winds, it tends to break. Also, the center height of this tent is pretty high. When it’s dry, these high ceilings are great for comfort, but when it’s wet, they could be dangerous. When the wind picks up, your tall tent acts like a sail, making it much more likely to destroy your sleeping area.

So, considering the weather conditions in mind, it’s best if you plan to go on a trip in the summer. Also, this meshed Skydome tent lets you enjoy a fantastic stargazing night with your friends and family.

Tent Material

Material-wise, this tent is more than enough for the price tag. The material quality of the essential parts is discussed below.

Tent Poles

The fiberglass poles are very sturdily built. Moreover, the tent comes with a unique feature, i.e., the front has a few small pockets on the base where you can put the ends of the poles. Because of this, you can use the little pockets to hold the bars in place at the front and then go to the other side to secure the other end in the usual way. So, you can easily set up this tent with these handy pole pockets.

tent poles

Tent Fabric

The WeatherTec technology in this tent makes it very good at keeping out the weather. The floor is made of polyethylene that looks like a bathtub. It has welded corners and seams that are turned inside out to keep water and dirt out.

Extra Features

There are no extra features to mention except for the regular sidewall pockets to secure your gadgets and other delicate things. Moreover, you can hang your rechargeable LED lights in those pockets.

Unlike the Coleman Montana, this Skydome tent does not offer E-ports for charging your gadgets and lights up the tent with the customizable integrated LED light.

Pros and Cons

  • Freestanding tent
  • WeatherTec system
  • Side wall pockets and gear loft  
  • Extremely high headroom
  • Extended meshed area
  • Very affordable price
  • No extra features
  • No privacy
  • Not suitable for winter or stormy season
  • Fiberglass poles

Who is it for?

The Coleman Skydome 8 person tent review has addressed all the necessary features that will help campers decide whether this is their desired tent or not. However, we’ve concluded that this is the best tent for the following conditions.

Space wise:

  1. Single family with two adults and three kids
  2. Eight adults with the minimum gear
  3. Six adults with excessive gear

Weather Wise:

  1. For the summer season, camping
  2. For the fall season, camping
  3. For rainy season
  4. In windy seasons with wind speeds not more than 40 Mph

Height Wise:

  1. For persons of height not more than 6’3’’
  2. Best for indoor parties and fun

Privacy Wise:

It has no partition, so it’s not the best option if you are looking for a tent with privacy

Setup Wise:

  1. Best Freestanding setup for novice campers
  2. It can be set up anywhere

Camping Type Wise :

  1. Car camping
  2. Jeep camping
  3. Backyard camping
  4. Hiking camping
  5. Bicycle touring camping

Our Verdict

This Coleman Skydome 8 person camping tent is the best free-standing tent allows you to pitch it anywhere you want. The tent is mostly meshed, providing considerable breathability, making it the most suitable summer-season camping tent for a family of 8. Moreover, its 6’4” is perfect for summer camping and stargazing. Its lightweight and sturdy build make the tent worth a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Coleman Skydome and SunDome tents?

The Coleman Skydome 8 person tent review explains that a Skydome tent is not different from the SunDome tent. However, the only difference one can observe is the height. As in the case of the Skydome, Coleman has extended the height a few inches to make it 6’4”, and the SunDome tent from Coleman has a bit of a low altitude. 

Are Coleman tents the best?

For a good reason, Coleman tents are some of the most popular and well-liked on the market. They offer the best value for the money and are the best choice for first-time campers and experienced adventurers. Moreover, they provide a versatile range of tents according to the space, weather, and shape you want.

How long does a Coleman tent last?

Reports say that a Coleman tent can last for more than five years if it is well taken care of, used according to its application, washed, and dried properly. 


To conclude this Coleman Skydome 8 person tent review, we’d say this is one of the most suitable tents for nature lovers. The meshed top and extended windows make it ideal for breathability, and you always have a scenic view of nature. The wider floor area and additional headroom are the cherries on top. Above all, this tent comes from a renowned tent-making brand, so the quality for your money is guaranteed. Therefore, this tent would be your best occasional camping companion.

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