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Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent – A Detailed Review

If you are a seasoned camper, you must have heard about the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person tent. I will review this fast-pitching tent in this article based on our experience. Moreover,  I’d list all the specifications and features that make it worth buying, along with some downsides.

This article will be about the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8-person tent to provide an in-depth look at its features and functionality. By the end of this article, you can make an informed decision about whether this is the right tent for your camping needs.

So sit back, relax, and get ready for a comprehensive review of one of the most popular camping tents on the market.

What’s So Special About the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent?

Apart from other prominent features, you’d hardly find in a tent with this price tag, the three best features are given below.

1. Fast Pitching Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent

I’ve been camping for years, and I know what a hassle it can be to set up a tent in the pouring rain. That’s why, when we decided to go on a camping trip, I brought along the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8-Person Tent. While most people might be drawn to its attractive colors and aesthetics, I was more concerned with whether it could protect my family and me in any unpleasant weather.

We arrived at the campsite just as the skies started to darken, and I was a little nervous about setting up the tent. But as soon as I started unpacking the tent, I was amazed by how fast and easy it was to set up. The fast-pitching technology (with hubbed poles) allowed me and my better half to assemble the tent in 12 minutes.

Coleman Tenaya Lake 8P Tent

The rain started coming down in sheets just as we finished setting up the tent. I was thankful for the fast-pitching design, the sturdy poles, and the waterproof rainfly, which kept me completely dry even as the rain pounded down all around me. I could spend the evening inside my cozy, dry tent, enjoying a hot meal with my family without worrying about getting wet.

It was a great reminder of how a well-designed tent can make all the difference on a camping trip, and I was grateful for this coleman 8 person tent, for saving the day.

2. Back Closet – Multipurpose Space Within Your Tent

The Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent with a back closet opposite the main entrance is a genuinely innovative and versatile camping solution. This tent offers a spacious interior that can accommodate up to 8 people and a built-in closet that provides a convenient and organized space for your gear.

The back closet is a multipurpose space that can store your camping essentials, such as clothing, shoes, and personal items, keeping them separate from the main living area.

Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person tent

This feature makes the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8P Tent a perfect choice for families and large groups of friends who want to enjoy camping in comfort and style. The back closet provides ample space for all your gear, so you don’t have to worry about tripping over it in the middle of the night, and it also helps keep the main living area tidy and clutter-free. It is worth noting that this closet is not removable, but it has its own poles, so it’s a separate area in your tent.

3. Hinged Door – A Trouble-Free Entrance for Your Kiddos 

This hinged door makes it easier for you and your kids to move around comfortably without entangling with the entrance. Thanks to the poles passing through the zippered sleeves making, it is very manageable.

Moreover, with a hinged door, you’ll always be able to handle a stuck zipper or flimsy flaps again. Instead, you’ll enjoy a smooth and effortless entry and exit every time.

The benefits of a hinged-door tent continue beyond there. Say goodbye to fumbling around in the dark, trying to find the zipper, or accidentally waking up your tentmate with the sound of crinkling plastic. You’ll enjoy a quiet, seamless opening and closing with a hinged door, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed night’s sleep.

Coleman Tenaya Lake 8P Tent

And let’s remember the aesthetic appeal. A hinged-door tent adds a touch of sophistication and style to any campsite. Your fellow campers will envy your sleek and modern tent, and you’ll feel proud to show it off.

So why settle for a troublesome tent when you can upgrade to a hassle-free hinged door option? Invest in a hinged-door tent today and elevate your camping experience to a new level.

Other Features That You Need to Consider

In addition to the three features we loved the most on the trip with Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person tent, you’ll get a complete package. Below are the features that Coleman offers you with the Tenaya lake 8p tent.

1. More Living Space – Your Home Away from Home

With its cleverly designed floor plan, the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Tent maximizes living space and provides separate areas for sleeping, lounging, and storage. The tent can comfortably sleep up to 8 people, with enough room for air mattresses, sleeping bags, and other gear.

With the built-in closet that comes with the house, you can keep your clothes and gear neat and out of the way, giving you even more floor space for indoor activities and socializing.

The tent also boasts a big front porch with an integrated awning, which is ideal for enjoying the outdoors in comfort. It’s a fantastic area to spend time with family and friends while enjoying fresh air and nature.

the Tenaya lake 8p tent.

2. Sturdy Structure – A Promising Tent for Life-Long Trips

This tent is built with Coleman’s unique WeatherTec system to keep you dry and warm even in the worst weather. Its innovative welded flooring and inverted seams keep water out, and the frame and poles are robust enough to endure severe winds and heavy rain. This guarantees you can sleep well no matter what Mother Nature tosses at you. But that’s not all – this Tenaya Lake 8 person tent is also incredibly easy to set up and take down, thanks to its sturdy yet lightweight frame and poles. Made of high-quality steel and fiberglass, the bars provide strength and flexibility while remaining easy to maneuver.

And regarding durability, the Tenaya Lake tent 8 person is truly unmatched. Its fabric is made of high-quality polyester material that is strong and tear-resistant, ensuring that it can hold up to years of camping adventures.

The Coleman Tenaya Lake 8-Person Tent is ideal for family camping trips, group getaways, and wild outdoor adventures. With its solid construction and style, this tent will be your go-to for future camping trips.

the Tenaya lake 8p tent

3. Breathability – Keep Your Tent’s Freshness Alive

Breathe easy with the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8-person tent! With multiple large windows, a mesh roof, and a ground vent, this tent is designed to keep you cool and comfortable, no matter the weather. Enjoy a refreshing and well-ventilated camping experience that allows you to relax and enjoy the great outdoors fully.

4. Affordability – Save Form Shelter Spend on Fun

What makes Coleman Tenaya Lake the best deal is its price tag. Campers would agree that a few tents are the complete package for campers without breaking the bank. Luckily, our Coleman Tenaya Lake is one of those most affordable 8 person tents.

5. Included Rainfly – Enjoy the Rain Fearlessly

Unlike other tents, where you’ll have to consider tent accessories when purchasing, the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8-person tent includes the rainfly with the tent package. As a result, including fees implies no additional costs. Moreover, this integrated rainfly protects against rain, allowing you to keep your windows open without fearing damaging your belongings.

Even in the heaviest downpours, you can rest assured that your valuable gear will remain dry and protected. So, with this tent, you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature without worrying about the weather.

6. Colored Poles – Easy to Pitch, Easy to Pack

The Colored tent poles with the Coleman Tenaya Lake tent are the cherry on top. They make setting up your tent a breeze! As with color-coded poles, you won’t have to worry about fumbling with poles that all look the same. Simply match the colors, and you’re on your way to a hassle-free setup.

Moreover, these colored tent poles also improve your safety by making it easier to identify the location of your tent and its poles. Consequently, you can avoid tripping and falling over them in the dark.

These are all the beneficial features that come to mind while writing this review. These are very promising for a camper to go for this fantastic Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent. 

Colored Poles

Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person TentSpecifications

In addition to the fantastic features that got you covered in every aspect, Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent offers the following features that I believe you’d love to know.

Tent materialNylon
Tent type3-season
SeasonalityUp to 8 people
Occupancy13 ft. x 9 ft.
Floor AreaSix ft. 8 in.
Centre Height33 lbs.
Weight of tentSteel
Pole material1
DoorMultiple on all sides
Room SeparatorYes
Included RainflyYes


The only drawback I could see in this tent was the single door. Although it is best for tent security purposes, a single entry would be a privacy issue for two couples who want to go from camping together in the same camp. Coleman could have considered this situation, and providing a backdoor would have made this drawback a favorable feature.

Advantages and Disadvantages

After going on trips with this Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent multiple times, I have come up with the following positives and negatives that are worth considering before buying it.

  • Easy to pitch
  • Very spacious
  • Sturdy 
  • Versatile in use
  • Color-coded poles
  • Included rainfly
  • Very economical
  • Single door
  • 3-season
  • Best in moderate wind areas

What A Random User Says About It

“This tent exceeded my expectations. I was nervous during the massive storms we had camping, but this tent held up! It did better than Some of the Cabela tents some people in my group had. Their tents flooded, and my tent was just fine except some water that seeped in, but that was because I didn’t have a tarp underneath my tent, I believe…..”

Our Verdict

I prefer the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent whenever I plan to go out with my family or friends. My trust in this large tent is due to the steel poles, water-resistant nylon material, and ease of setup. The lower price, including rainfly and closet, is the cherry on top!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 8 man tent?

While selecting the best 8-person tent, one must consider the key features of a perfect tent, such as tent capacity, seasonality, durability, and ease of setup. One of the best family tents is the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent, which has many unique features at a very affordable price.

Is it better to set up your tent on higher or lower ground?

Set up your tent in higher and dryer places to avoid condensation due to temperature changes. However, if you are camping in areas with high wind speed, it is best practice to pitch your tent in lower places under cover of trees and bushes.

Can you sleep in a tent in the rain?

Yes! With Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent, you can enjoy the rain when camping in the woods, mountains, or even deserts. Whether you like to sit in your tent and enjoy scenic views or sleep while it’s raining outside, a good tent won’t disappoint you


If you have read this article thoroughly, you must have noticed the eye-catching features this Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent offers. With so much to offer at the lowest price on Amazon, this tent is the best bet for campers wishing to make their next trips memorable.

So, which feature do you like the most in this tent and why? Let us know in the comments section.

Happy Camping!

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