Coleman Bristol 8 Person tent

94.4/100 Our Score
  • Brand: Coleman
  • Special Feature :Rainfly
  • Water Resistance Technology :5300 month
  • Installation Type:Free Standing


When camping with family and friends, we need a spacious tent to accommodate our whole family or crew, along with the gear. However, good camping requires not only a big rest area but also one that is convenient to move around in and has a partition like the Coleman Skydome tent, depending on the requirements.

This article will provide Coleman Bristol 8 Person Tent Reviews to assist you in selecting a family camping tent for your next trip with your kids. From the tent’s features to specifications and pros and cons, you will find this detailed guide most reliable and helpful in knowing why you need to buy it. I’ll also answer all your related questions so let’s read the article!

Coleman Bristol 8P Modified Dome with Hinged Door.
Coleman Bristol 8 Person Tent reviews with hinged door

Coleman Bristol 8 Person tent Reviews – Salient Features

The Coleman Bristol 8 person tent is a large, cabin-style tent that can accommodate up to 8 people. It features a spacious interior with a room divider for added privacy and a fully screened front porch for additional living space.

The Bristol 8 person tent from Coleman provides durability with plenty of features you want to see in your tent for family camping. Fortunately, I have listed those features below so you may know what you’ll get with them.

Spacious interior: The first advantage of this tent is the extensive living area. It has a large interior with separate rooms for your kids and family members, providing plenty of space for a family to sleep and store their gear. Moreover, the headroom of the tent is enough for indoor activities without any trouble.

The tent can sleep up to eight people in two rooms. Also, one can easily place three queen-size airbeds in it, making it a perfect choice when camping with kids.

So, in all aspects, the Coleman Bristol 8-person tent is designed for eight people.

WeatherTec system: Considering weather resistance, you’ll get the famous WeatherTec system that helps to keep the tent dry and comfortable in any weather. It means your tent includes a welded floor and inverted seams to help prevent water from getting inside. The sturdy construction, which can withstand high winds in stormy weather, is the icing on the cake.

Easy setup: Campers cannot overlook the ease of setup when buying a tent (at least, I can’t!). So, before I tell you how much time the Coleman Bristol takes to set up, it is essential to know that this tent comes with a snag-free, continuous pole sleeve design. And these sturdy and efficiently designed poles make it easy to set up and take down.

So, even if you are a novice camper setting up your tent for the first time, it will take up to 25 minutes to set up this tent (you can also do it in 15 minutes after a couple of practice sessions if I can).

Coleman Bristol 8 Person Tent  Easy Setup
Coleman Bristol 8 Person Tent reviews-Easy Setup

Ventilation: The best thing about Coleman tents is they provide excellent ventilation in all seasons. Likewise, this tent has large side windows and a ground vent. These windows and vents provide plenty of ventilation and airflow, keeping your tent odorless.

Moreover, the tent is designed in such a way as to allow fresh air to pass when needed. It is also efficient at blocking air when camping in the cold season. This optimal design makes it the perfect tent for two to three seasons.

Durable construction: We always prefer to buy something that will last longer and fulfill all our needs without compromising anything. However, we also know that finding perfection on a limited budget is hard nowadays. But, to my surprise, I found this Coleman Bristol to be better than many of the so-called toughest camping tents and at much higher prices.

Its materials, including a polyester rainfly and a polyethylene floor, make this Coleman Bristol so durable. These materials are known for keeping the tent in good condition for many camping trips. You can also increase your tent’s life by following the tips in the article How to Store a Tent Safely.”

Weight: This tent is lightweight and portable, weighing approximately 23.5 pounds. So, you can take it to camp with you. However, we have experience using eight-person tents that are lighter than this Coleman Bristol tent, but they will also cost you more.

Size: With impressive 16-by-7-foot dimensions, this tent offers a family plenty of room to sleep comfortably and store belongings without crowding their tent. And a bookish person like me can also sit in the corner and read books without overcrowding the tent.

Doors: Although I prefer full doors, which I could not get with this Coleman Bristol tent, I still liked the hinged door that came with this tent. It always works best, providing easy access, which makes it convenient to enter and exit the tent without having to crawl over your fellow campers or trip over tent stakes.

This hinged door design makes it easier to open and close, especially when your hands are full. Moreover, the door can be securely fastened with a zipper closure, helping to keep the tent’s interior private and secure. Overall, the hinged door is a valuable feature that adds to the convenience and comfort of the Coleman Bristol 8 Person Tent.

Bristol 8P Modified Dome with Hinged Door

Windows: This tent has wide windows, providing plenty of ventilation and natural light. Moreover, these windows are designed to stop rainwater from coming in by providing enough light and ventilation. While camping in the wilderness, you can enjoy the view through these expansive windows and even stargaze at night.

Rainfly: Coleman provides a full-sized rainfly, which provides extra protection against rain, wind, and dust at a meager price. However, you can remove it easily when you want to sunbathe while lying in your tent. Thanks to the fully meshed front and top of the Coleman Bristol 8 person tent.

Storage pockets: Like some of the luxury tents from Coleman, this tent also has well-placed storage pockets inside. These pockets provide a convenient place to store small items and keep them organized.

Coleman Bristol 8 Person tent Reviews – Specifications

With all core features, this Coleman Bristol 8 Person Tent comes with the following specifications:

Dimensions: It measures 16×7 feet, with a 6-foot-4-inch center height, making it perfect for indoor fun.

Capacity: The tent can accommodate up to 8 people and their luggage.

Weight: The Coleman Bristol 8-Person Tent weighs about 23.5 pounds, making it easy to take camping trips and move around. It’s easy to carry by hand because it’s small and light, whether hiking to your campsite or taking it from your car to the camp. This design suits campers who like to pack light and carry as little gear as possible.

The Coleman Bristol 8-Person Tent is suitable for all camping, whether car camping at a nearby site or backpacking into the wilderness. Its meager size and light weight make it a good choice for trips outside.

Tent body material: The Coleman Bristol 8-Person Tent’s body is made of polyester taffeta, a lightweight, durable fabric that can be used in various weather conditions. Polyester taffeta is water-resistant, so it helps keep the inside of the tent dry and comfortable. It can also stand up to wind, making it a good choice for campers going to places with a lot of wind.

The polyester taffeta material is also easy to clean and keeps its shape well, which makes it a good choice for campers who go out often. Overall, the tent body is one of the essential parts of the Coleman Bristol 8-Person Tent. It protects you from the weather and ensures a comfortable and enjoyable camping trip.

Fly material: The rainfly of the Coleman Bristol 8-Person Tent is made of polyester taffeta with a 1,500-mm coating, which makes it a durable and reliable choice for rainy weather. The 1,500-mm layer is the rainfly’s waterproof rating, showing how much water pressure the fabric can take before it leaks.

A rating of 1,500mm is suitable for light to heavy rain, and it helps keep the inside of the tent dry and comfortable. Polyester taffeta is also light and easy to pack, which makes it a good choice for camping trips. Overall, the rainfly of the Coleman Bristol 8-Person Tent is an important part that helps you stay dry and comfortable when you’re camping.

8 Person Dome Tent with Hinged Door

Pole material: The Coleman Bristol 8-Person Tent is a strong and long-lasting choice for campers because the tent poles are steel. These steel tent poles also make it an excellent choice for campers going to places with a lot of wind since the sturdy design can help the tent stand up to gusts.

Storage Pockets: The Coleman Bristol 8-Person Tent has handy storage pockets that are great for keeping small items organized and easy to get to while camping. There are pockets all over the inside of the tent, making it easy to keep things like flashlights, keys, wallets, and other personal items close at hand. The storage pockets also help keep your tent clean and organized, so you can make the most of your room.

 Overall, the storage pockets are a handy part of the Coleman Bristol 8-Person Tent that adds to its ease of use and comfort.

Illumiline reflective guy lines: The reflective guy lines on the Coleman Bristol 8-Person Tent light up. This practical and innovative feature makes the tent easily visible in low light. These guy lines are made of materials that reflect light, which makes them easy to see at night. They make it easy to get around the campsite at night or set up the tent when there isn’t much light. The lit guy lines are also a safety feature because they keep people from tripping and falling in the dark. The reflective guy lines make the Coleman Bristol 8 Person Tent easier to use and safer.

Easy-to-follow instructions: lastly, the Coleman Bristol 8 Person Tent comes with clear instructions that make it quick and easy to set up. Whether you’ve been camping or this is your first time, these steps will help you set up your tent quickly. The directions are clear and easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions and pictures to help you along.

Overall, the Coleman Bristol 8 Person Tent is a spacious and comfortable option for camping with up to 8 people. Its WeatherTec system and other features make it well-suited for various weather conditions.

  • Spacious interior
  • Fully screened front porch
  • WeatherTec system  
  • Convenient storage pockets
  • No front awning
  • Not a freestanding tent

Who Is This Tent For? – Coleman Bristol 8 Person Tent Reviews

Space Wise

The Coleman Bristol 8 person tent is made for up to 8 people. It’s a big tent that can fit a family or a group of friends who want a comfortable place to sleep while camping or doing other outdoor activities. The tent is easy to set up, use, and take down because it has a weather-resistant canopy, a strong frame, and a roomy interior with lots of ventilation.

So, regarding space, this tent may be a good choice if you want to go camping or do something outdoors with a large group and need a tent that can fit everyone.

Season Wise

The Coleman Bristol 8-person tent is best for spring, summer, and fall. It’s not designed for harsh winter conditions with a lot of snow or low temperatures.

The tent has a weather-resistant cover, a strong frame, and lots of ventilation to keep inside cool and dry. But it’s not made to withstand extreme weather like snow or frigid temperatures. However, the Coleman 8-person cabin tent will be the best choice for a 4-season camping tent.

Cost wise

The Coleman Bristol 8 person tent is more affordable than high-end, top-of-the-line tents, but it may also be more expensive than some budget-priced options (with compromised features).

Overall, it’s the best choice for people who want to spend less money on a top-of-the-line model. It is a well-made tent designed to be easy to set up, use, and take down, and it offers a good balance of value and quality for the price.

Therefore, if you are looking for a tent that is suitable for a large group’s use but is on a budget, the Coleman Bristol 8 person tent may be an excellent option.

Coleman Bristol 8 Person tent

94.4/100 Our Score
  • Brand: Coleman
  • Special Feature :Rainfly
  • Water Resistance Technology :5300 month
  • Installation Type:Free Standing


Our verdict

We consider this Coleman Bristol 8 person tent a durable and reliable option for people looking for a comfortable and convenient place to sleep while enjoying outdoor activities. What attracts us most about this Coleman Bristol tent is its value for money. It can protect you in the rain, withstand a great deal of wind, and offer a spacious rest area. What else a camper wants?

This is why we consider this tent whenever we go out in a wilderness, meadow, desert, or hilly area. It never disappointed us!


This article provides the most dependable Coleman Bristol 8 Person Tent Reviews because we have used this tent on almost every tour for a couple of years. You can trust that Coleman will enhance your outdoor experience by using this tent if all the above-listed specifications and features justify your needs.

However, you can also read our review of the best 8 person tents for group camping to see other options. Because it is important to carefully consider your needs and preferences when deciding on a tent. And reading reviews to gather as much information as possible before making a purchase is the best way to save time and money.

So, what specifications are you looking for in your tent? Does Coleman Bristol 8 person tent have it or not? Let us know in the comments section below.  

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