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Camping in a cozy tent, like the Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 person tent is one of the most enjoyable ways to make our vacations memorable. However, camping with friends or family members could be a nightmare if you do not take the necessary measures. Aside from severe weather (which a tent like the Coleman Evanston 8 Person can handle), you are also vulnerable to theft. A thief can easily cut through the tent walls and steal your valuables while sleeping or away from your tent. Therefore, tent security must be a priority while planning a trip in the woods, meadows, valleys, or deserts.

Although no such measures can protect you from someone who comes with weapons, you may save yourself from those who are looking for an easy opportunity. Luckily, this article brings you the ten most straightforward ways to secure your precious things from being stolen using the simplest tricks we’ve got for you.

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The 10 Most Effective Tent Security Tips for Campers

  1. Choose the Safest Camp Site
  2. Arm Yourself
  3. Camp in Groups
  4. Use Wireless Sets
  5. Talk and Judge Your Neighbors
  6. Take your Dog with You
  7. Check Your Tent
  8. Do not Go Far away from the Campsite
  9. Make a Scarecrow
  10. Use Tent Security System

1.  Choose the Safest Camp Site

You may be less likely to have your tent broken into if you are careful where you set up camp. So, be smart about where you put your tent in a campground or deep in the woods. The best thing to do at a campground is to stay away from a group of noisy kids. Also, setting up your tent next to an older couple or a camper who likes to stay in the camp is a good idea.

Most people want to choose a place that is easy to see from the street or has a front that faces a path or road. However, to maintain tent security while camping in the forest, choose a spot that can’t be seen and is far away from any major roads or paths. Also, use natural things like bushes, plants, or mounds of dirt to hide your tent. This strategy will keep you safe from robbers who steal your precious items or harm you.

tent security while camping

2.  Arm Yourself

In the end, it is you who needs security the most while you are out camping in off-grid areas. So, you shouldn’t feel bad about protecting yourself with a weapon. The weapon will keep you safe not just from humans but also from animals in the wild.

Therefore, if you take some time to learn how to use a gun correctly and get the proper permits, you can use it to protect yourself and your family from harm. A knife is a good weapon for self-defense, but you can also use it for many other things. Moreover, you could also use a stun gun, pepper spray, or anything else.

3.  Camp in Groups

It is one of the best and easiest tent security tips for camping in groups. Camping near each other will help you in many ways. You will always find it easy to call for help in an emergency. As the saying goes, unity is strength. If criminals see that other people are around, they might not try to break into your campsite.

Moreover, in group camping, you’ll have more opportunities for fun. And you can also help each other with your basic camping needs.

Lock tent from inside

4.  Use Wireless Sets

While camping in woods, meadows, and other remote areas, it is best to have a communication source so that you may call each other when needed. One can inform the other fellow campers if they feel something fishy around the tent. So, having a walkie-talkie would be the best solution.

A wireless set will help secure your tent and protect you from being lost in the thin forest. So, looking for a walkie-talkie with an adequate communication range before you start the journey is better.

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5.  Talk and Judge Your Neighbors

Without spending money on the expensive tent security system, you must consider the essential tent security tips we share. One of the best ways is to, at the very least, say hello to the other campers. You don’t have to know everything about everyone, but you should ensure that everyone camping near you knows who you are and your name.

The idea of neighborly friendship comes into play here. If everyone in the camping site gets to know their neighbors and their neighbors get to know them, it’s much easier to spot an outsider, which is especially helpful if a criminal is walking around the tents.

So, if you leave your tent while your neighbors are home and someone tries to get in while you’re gone, your neighbors may try to stop the person or call the police.

6.  Take your Dog with You

It’s fun and safe to take your dog with you camping. Trustworthy dogs can do many things, like keep campers safe from thieves and warn of dangerous animals nearby. They don’t have to be very strong or violent. A loud bark could startle you in the middle of the night or scare away someone who wants to hurt you. Also, everyone likes to watch their well-behaved dog or cat play outside.


7.  Keep Checking Your Tent

Putting up a simple tent camera is all you need to do to ensure the safety of your things while you sleep or are away. There are some practical ways to keep track of tents, such as:

Use Motion sensing Lights For The Tent Security

Motion-activated lights that light up the area around your tent may keep people from breaking in. It could also scare away raccoons or bears that might wander onto your property.

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Use of Tent Zip Alarm

The tent zip alarm can detect an intruder in two ways: either as a tripwire alarm or by attaching it to the tent’s zippers. It’s also an excellent alarm to have on hand in an emergency, and it’s easy to set off.

Connect it to something that won’t move, like a picnic table or a camp chair, to make an alarm. When someone tries to break in, it will set off the wire and make a lot of noise.

As a security alarm, connect one end of the sensor to a tent zipper and the other end to the tent door.

BASU eAlarm Plus 130db Emergency Alarm for Camping

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Periphery Monitoring Alarm 

Outdoor enthusiasts use perimeter alarms like the Camp Perimeter Security System (CAPSS) to keep their camps safe. Putting the alarm unit around the edge of your Campsite is a great way to keep out people you don’t want. It has warning lights and a siren that goes off at 135 decibels to let you know if someone or something walks into your campsite.

8.  Do Not Go Far Away from The Campsite

If you have to leave your tent unattended in a busy area and are worried about its safety, don’t leave it there for too long and move it farther away from your campsite. The longer your tent is empty, the more people will go inside out of curiosity.

If you are going for a long time, taking down and storing your tent and hiding your precious items in the safest place might be safer.

With that said, the next bit of advice would be…

9.  Make a Scarecrow

Even though it looks silly, a dummy or decoy might help you keep unwanted people from coming to your campground. Therefore, leaving your boots sticking out of the tent will make it look like someone is lying inside. Or you could make a scarecrow as big as a person to sit on your outdoor seat.

10.  Use Tent Security System

Tent locks, as you might guess, attach to the zippers of your tent to keep people from getting in without permission. You can lock it with a password, just like a locker. The lock keeps people from coming into your tents while you are sleeping or away.

You’ll never have to worry about carrying or losing a key when using a lock that needs a password. And the one with a flexible cable lock so you can use the lock through the tent’s zipper more easily.

Although these tent locks aren’t a foolproof way to keep people out, especially since they probably wouldn’t stop someone who wanted to get in, since most thieves go for the easiest target, a tent lock is usually enough to keep strangers out.

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Camping Tent security for Specific Occasions  

Here are some tips for keeping your tent safe when your things are more likely to be stolen.

Tent Security at Festivals

Camping at a festival can be fun, but it’s crucial to consider campsite security. Here are some safety tips for festival tents that will help you feel better about camping at festivals.

Tell a security officer immediately if something bad happens while camping at a festival.
You can buy a festival locker, so you no longer have to worry about your stuff.
Set up an alarm inside or near your tent.
Padlocks are easy for thieves to get into, so don’t use them to lock your tent.

  • Tell a security officer immediately if something bad happens while camping at a festival.
  • You can buy a festival locker, so you no longer have to worry about your stuff.
  • Set up an alarm inside or near your tent.
  • Padlocks are easy for thieves to get into, so don’t use them to lock your tent.

Tent Security at Night

At night, you are more prone to be a victim of a robbery. Sixty-one percent of violent crimes in England and Wales happen at night, so it’s essential to be careful when camping out under the stars. Here are some tips for making sure your tent is safe at night.

  • Install a tent lock.
  • Use a tent with a lock
  • Set up a camp alert or tent security system to keep the tent safe.
  • Be careful to choose a secure camping spot.
  • It’s wise to know as much as possible about the location before starting a camping trip.
  • Use motion-sensing lights that light up and scare the intruders who come near your tent.
  • Use a scarecrow inside your tent using a chair with your clothes piled up and a hat on it.
tent security at night

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we lock tents?

You can lock the tent inside or outside with tiny padlocks that go through the zipper loops. Some people feel better knowing that their tent is safe while they sleep if they do this before bed.

How can I secure a tent during the day?

A tent lock lets you safely close your tent. A simple TSA-approved cable lock is the best way to keep your zipper from coming undone at the airport.

Is it safe to leave your tent unattended?

When camping, it’s up to you if you want to leave your tent alone or not. Even though there are many other people in a campground, you shouldn’t think you’re safe just because you’re there.


Having read this article, you can ensure your tent security in any situation. We’ve also discussed using these strategies to keep your valuables safe. Even though tents are fragile and can be torn easily with a knife or other sharp object, these methods work well to scare away and keep out people who don’t belong there.

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