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Knoebels Campground: A Comprehensive Review in 2023

Reflecting on my recent trip to the enchanting Knoebels Campground in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, I am captivated by its enduring charm and family-friendly atmosphere.

If you are also planning to go to this beautiful campground, then give this article a read as I share my firsthand experience and provide you with everything you need to know about Knoebels Campground, from its history to valuable camping tips, the best foods to savor, and how to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

A Glimpse of The History

Knoebels Campground’s journey began in 1926 when the Knoebel family established a small campground to accommodate visitors coming to enjoy the nearby Knoebels Amusement Resort. Over the decades, the campground evolved and expanded, preserving its traditional charm while offering modern amenities that cater to the needs of today’s campers.

Why is Knoebels Campground Perfect for Family Camping?

Stepping into Knoebels Campground feels like entering a world where time slows down and cherished memories are made. It’s a great destination option for families seeking a wholesome and fun-filled retreat.

The campground’s family-friendly atmosphere and range of accommodations ensure that everyone, from seasoned campers to first-timers, will find their perfect spot to create unforgettable experiences.

Accommodations Options

Knoebels Campground caters to diverse preferences and budgets. For those seeking the authentic camping experience, spacious and shaded tent sites are nestled within the serene woodlands.

RV sites with convenient hookups are readily available if you prefer modern comforts. For a touch of coziness, the themed cabins beckon with their unique charm and comforts.

The Location and Atmosphere

knoebels Campground sits on sacred grounds where nature's bounty flourishes

Nestled amid the awe-inspiring landscapes of Elysburg, Knoebels Campground sits on sacred grounds where nature’s bounty flourishes. Surrounded by verdant woodlands and gently flowing streams, the campground emanates an aura of serenity and rejuvenation.

Families and nature enthusiasts alike can revel in the harmonious blend of Mother Nature’s wonders and the park’s inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Exploring the Entertainment Options

Beyond its natural beauty, Knoebels Campground offers an enticing range of entertainment options. While the nearby Knoebel’s Amusement Resort beckons with thrilling rides and delightful attractions, the campground is a playground

Beyond its natural beauty, Knoebels Campground offers an enticing range of entertainment options. While the nearby Knoebel’s Amusement Resort beckons with thrilling rides and delightful attractions, the campground is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Embark on nature trails that wind through the woodlands, enjoy fishing by the tranquil streams, or challenge friends and family to a friendly game of volleyball or horseshoes. The possibilities for adventure and fun are as vast as the boundless blue skies above.

Dining Options

A camping experience is only complete with indulging in mouthwatering culinary delights, and Knoebels Campground is good. While campfire classics like s’mores and hotdogs evoke a sense of nostalgia, guests seeking a full meal can head to the nearby amusement park or local eateries. From delectable hand-cut fries to savory burgers and delectable treats like funnel cakes, the dining options here surely entice every taste bud.

Also, having some campfire recipe ideas will make your camping trip more adventurous.

Nearby Attractions

For those excited to explore the wonders beyond Knoebels Campground, a treasure trove of nearby attractions awaits them. Explore the charming town of Elysburg, where history comes to life through fascinating museums and heritage sites. Nature lovers can venture to R. B. Winter State Park, known for its breathtaking scenery and outdoor activities. Additionally, the Susquehanna River offers opportunities for kayaking and scenic boat rides, making it an adventure seekers’ paradise.

Tips for the Ultimate Camping Experience

  1. Advanced Reservations

Advanced Booking is a great option, especially if you plan to go during peak seasons.

  • Pack Essentials

Pack camping essentials such as insect repellent, sunscreen, comfortable footwear, and a flashlight for nighttime adventures.

  • Family Bonding

Embrace the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and immerse yourself in quality family time.

  • Explore Nature

Knoebels Campground offers delightful nature trails and picturesque hiking opportunities. It is the best time to explore the beauty of surrounding landscapes with your loved ones.

  • Attend Campground Events

Keep an eye on the campground’s events calendar, as they often host themed weekends, live entertainment, and engaging activities for campers of all ages.

What We Like the Most about Knoebels Campground

1. Delicious Dining Delights

Campground life is only complete with savoring the delectable treats that Knoebels has to offer. You can find various food options within the campground, including mouthwatering campfire classics like s’mores and hotdogs. Head to the nearby Knoebels Amusement Resort for a full meal, where various culinary delights await. Every palate will be satisfied, from savory hand-cut fries and savory burgers to sweet funnel cakes.

2. A Family-Friendly Budget

One of the most delightful aspects of Knoebels Campground is its affordability

One of the most delightful aspects of Knoebels Campground is its affordability, aligning with the Knoebel family’s long-standing tradition of providing affordable fun for families. Campsite rates are reasonable, and admission to Knoebels Amusement Resort is free, allowing families to enjoy a memorable vacation without breaking the bank.

Our Verdict

After experiencing the magic of Knoebels Campground firsthand, we can confidently say it’s a nature lover’s paradise. The campground’s family-friendly atmosphere, coupled with the abundance of recreational activities, creates the perfect setting for a memorable vacation.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply a serene escape to unwind, Knoebels Campground caters to all, leaving visitors with a lasting impression of natural beauty and cherished moments spent with loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is Knoebels Campground open year-round?

Yes, Knoebels Campground is open year-round, offering different experiences each season. However, seasonal changes may affect the availability of certain services and attractions.

Are pets allowed at Knoebels Campground?

Yes, Knoebels Campground is pet-friendly. However, pets must be kept on a leash and not allowed in some areas for safety and cleanliness.

Do I need to make reservations in advance?

While walk-ins are welcome, making reservations in advance, especially during peak seasons, is highly recommended to secure your preferred accommodation.

Are there any campfire restrictions?

Campfires are allowed, but guests are advised to follow campground guidelines and use designated fire pits to ensure safety and protect the environment.


As we conclude our exploration of Knoebels Campground, we can’t help but be captivated by the enchanting beauty and warm hospitality it offers. Whether camping under the stars, exploring the scenic trails, or bonding with family and friends around a campfire, Knoebels Campground ensures that every moment is cherished.

Pack your luggage, forget your worries, and spend quality time with your loved ones. Discover the magic of Knoebels Campground – where nature welcomes you with open arms and cherished memories await.

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