If you are searching for a perfect place to camp with family in 2023, this review is for you. Nestled in the heart of Ontario’s stunning Lake of the Woods region, Kenora beckons to outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers from far and wide. Camping here is an immersive experience where you can disconnect from city life’s chaos and reconnect with nature’s beauty.

This article on Camping in Kenora Ontario will guide you through the 3 best campgrounds and campsites Kenora offers, each with unique charm and allure.

Top 3 Spots for Camping Kenora Ontario

This picturesque destination is a testament to the unspoiled beauty of the Canadian wilderness, offering a breathtaking backdrop for camping adventures.

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3. Best Sites for Camping in kenora

Here are the top 3 spots for best camping in Kenora Ontario where you’ll find enchanting natural scenic views and closely witness Mother Nature.

Let’s explore the breathtaking camping spots one by one.

1. Rushing River Provincial Park

Rushing River Provincial Park


Rushing River Provincial Park is at the Top of the list because of my personal liking for camping spots near water bodies. From breathtaking natural landscapes rich in flora and fauna to endless fun opportunities, this campground in Ontario has something for everyone.

Let us guide you through this natural haven so you may reach this paradise as soon as possible.


Rushing River Provincial Park is conveniently situated approximately 20 kilometers northwest of Kenora. To get there, take Highway 17 west from Kenora and then follow Highway 71 north. Clear signage will lead you to the park entrance.

Now let’s talk about the facilities this park offers its visitors.


Depending on your needs, the park offers a wide range of campsites, so you may choose from electrical and non-electrical sites. Also, it provides clean and well-maintained restroom facilities with showers so the guests can have a comfortable tent camping in Kenora Ontario.

Additionally, the scenic picnic areas are scattered throughout the park, making it easy to enjoy a meal outdoors with family and friends.

Well, Suppose you’re keen on boating and fishing like me. In that case, the park provides very convenient boat launch facilities for your water adventures. Amazing?

Activities at Rushing River Provincial Park

Not only the amenities are very attractive but, in this campground, you can immerse yourself in nature by exploring the park’s beautiful hiking trails. These trails wind through the forest, offering glimpses of waterfalls, rapids, and breathtaking viewpoints.

You get the opportunity to cool off in the designated swimming areas, where you can take a refreshing dip in the pristine waters of the Rushing River. Moreover, the anglers will find themselves in paradise here, with opportunities to cast their lines into the river and try their luck at catching trout and other species.

I know you’d love to Paddle along the river, allowing nature’s soothing and peaceful sound to entertain you. Here, the calm waters make it ideal for canoeing and kayaking!

Reservation and Booking at Rushing River Provincial Park:

To secure your spot at Rushing River Provincial Park, it is advisable to make reservations in advance. You can visit the Ontario Parks website for booking or by contacting the park directly.

Ensuring your reservation in advance guarantees you will take advantage of the chance to experience this beautiful natural oasis.

2. Sioux Narrows Provincial Park

Sioux Narrows Provincial Park


The 2nd on our list is the Sioux Narrows Provincial Park near the famous Lake of the Woods. Here, you get numerous facilities and an array of exciting activities to make your stay wonderful.

Let’s see how you may find this heaven on earth near Kenora Ontario.


Sioux Narrows Provincial Park, another gem in the Kenora region, is located approximately 80 kilometers east of Kenora. To reach this picturesque camping destination from Kenora, take Highway 17 East and follow the well-marked signs leading you to Sioux Narrows Provincial Park.


The highlight of this park is its lakeside campsites, offering breathtaking views of the expansive Lake of the Woods. These sites provide easy access to the water, allowing you to start your day with the tranquility of a lakeside sunrise.

Moreover, the clean, modern restroom facilities with showers ensure a comfortable stay. With direct access to Lake of the Woods, Sioux Narrows Provincial Park is a haven for boating and fishing enthusiasts. Here, the boat launch facilities make getting out on the water easy.

Activities at Sioux Narrows Provincial Park

You get to explore the vastness of Lake of the Woods by boat, kayak, or canoe. Also, the clear waters and stunning vistas make for an unforgettable boating experience.

Renowned for its world-class fishing, this park is a must-visit for anglers. You’ll find ample opportunities here if you’re after walleye, Muskie, or other species. You may also enjoy swimming in the pristine lake waters on a hot summer day. The calm bays and clear water make it a perfect destination.

Finally, nature enthusiasts can explore scenic hiking trails in the park, offering opportunities to immerse themselves in the local flora and fauna.

Reservation and Booking at Sioux Narrows Provincial Park

Reservations must be advised through the Ontario Parks website or by contacting the park directly.

Given the high demand for these lakeside campsites, especially during the summer, securing your reservation in advance is strongly recommended. This ensures you enjoy the stunning lakeside bliss of Sioux Narrows Provincial Park.

3. Minaki Yurt Adventures

Minaki Yurt Adventures


Last but not least, Minaki Yurt Adventures offers a unique camping experience to its visitors with its amazing yurts. This campground in Ontario is truly a blessing for the people of Kenora and its outskirts. You get all the basic facilities in the middle of the lush green campground, offering the best Mother Nature can offer you.

Let me take you on a brief visit through the Minaki Yurt Adventures so you may know why it is so special to me.


It is located near the charming town of Minaki, approximately 90 kilometers northeast of Kenora. To reach Minaki Yurt Adventures from Kenora, take Highway 17 east and follow the signs leading to Minaki.

Amenities at Minaki Yurt Adventures

Minaki Yurt Adventures offers a unique camping experience with its cozy and well-equipped yurts. These accommodations blend comfort and nature.

They will offer you the quintessential camping experience by gathering around a campfire. The yurts come with fire pits, perfect for roasting marshmallows.

At Minaki Yurt Adventures, you’ll be fully immersed in the natural surroundings. The peaceful wilderness setting allows you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Activities at Minaki Yurt Adventures

Explore nearby hiking trails and take in the beauty of the local flora and fauna. Nature lovers will appreciate the opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife spotting.

You can capture the stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife on camera. Also, the scenic beauty of the area provides endless photo opportunities.

Minaki Yurt Adventures lets you experience the night sky’s magic as you gaze at the stars. The lack of city lights makes Minaki Yurt Adventures an excellent spot for stargazing.

Reservation and Booking at Minaki Yurt Adventures

Reservations for yurts at Minaki Yurt Adventures can typically be made directly through their website or by contacting them via phone or email.

Availability may vary, so booking in advance is a smart choice, especially during the peak camping seasons. This ensures that you can enjoy a unique camping experience in the cozy yurts surrounded by the wonders of nature.


Which park is best for camping in Ontario?

While it’s subjective, Algonquin Provincial Park, Killarney Provincial Park, and Quetico Provincial Park are often considered among the best for camping in Ontario due to their pristine landscapes and outdoor opportunities.

Can you wild camp in Ontario?

Wild camping (dispersed camping) is not allowed in most provincial parks. Camping is typically permitted only in designated campsites. However, some parks offer backcountry camping options.

What time of year is best for camping in Kenora Ontario?

The best time for camping in Kenora, Ontario, is during the summer, from late May to early September when the weather is generally warm and ideal for outdoor activities.


The Kenora, Ontario campsites offer an unparalleled opportunity to immerse you in the natural beauty and adventure this region offers.

Whether you choose the picturesque Rushing River Provincial Park, the lakeside bliss of Sioux Narrows Provincial Park, or the unique comfort of Minaki Yurt Adventures, you’ll find an unforgettable camping experience awaiting you.

Kenora provides the ultimate wilderness escape from pristine lakes and lush forests to a myriad of outdoor activities. Remember to make reservations in advance, practice safety measures, and pack accordingly for your chosen camping adventure.

You can create lasting memories in these wonderful places, reconnect with nature, and experience the magic of Camping Kenora, Ontario.

So, pack your camping gear, ready your fishing rod, and embark on a wilderness adventure. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore what Camping in Kenora Ontario offers.

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