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Campground in Bend Oregon– 3 Best Spots to Camp in 2023

Imagine stepping into a world of outdoor wonders right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. That’s Bend, Oregon, for you! Whether you love camping or want to spend time in nature, Bend’s campgrounds are truly special.

These campgrounds are surrounded by amazing landscapes. Picture this: green forests that stretch as far as you can see, peaceful rivers that flow gently, and mountains that stand tall like giants. It’s like a dream come true for nature lovers.

This review will explore what makes a campground in Bend Oregon so great. We’ll talk about all the different kinds of camping you can do here and the incredible natural beauty you can experience.

So, whether you’re a camping pro or just starting to explore the outdoors, you’re about to find out why camping in Bend, Oregon, is something you want to try!

Tentpick’s Top 3 Choices for a Campground in Bend Oregon

Here are the 3 best places you’d love to explore while camping in Bend Oregon. Let’s learn about each campground and find out which matches your expectations. 

1. Tumalo State Park Campground

Tumalo State Park Campground


This place, Bend, Oregon, is like a storybook come to life. You’d find it magical to camp in a Campground in Bend Oregon. Breathing in Bend Oregon’s Campground atmosphere, you can feel the cool and refreshing air around you. It’s as if the air itself is giving you a cozy hug.

Now, picture waking up in the morning, still snug in your sleeping bag. The first thing you hear is the soft and gentle sound of the Deschutes River. The river is like a ribbon of water winding its way through the land.

Tumalo State Park Campground would be your special spot in any outdoor adventure. Let’s explore more about this glorious campsite.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to camp in a place where the great outdoors meets convenience?

Among the most amazing Campgrounds in Bend Oregon, Tumalo State Park campground has its specialty in providing the best amenities.

Here, they’ve thought of everything to make your camping trip awesome. First, there are flush toilets. No more worrying about digging a hole in the ground! You can use the real bathroom just like at home.

And after a day filled with adventures, there’s something even more fantastic – hot showers! Imagine standing under a warm, refreshing shower, feeling the dirt and tiredness wash away. It’s like a spa in the middle of nature!

Thirsty? No problem! There’s clean, safe-to-drink water right here. You can fill up your water bottle whenever you want to stay refreshed and hydrated.

Plus, you have choices! Whether you like the cozy feel of a tent or the roominess of an RV (that’s like a mini house on wheels!), Tumalo State Park Campground has a spot just for you. So, whichever kind of camper you are, they’re ready to make your camping dreams come true!

Operating Season

As the seasons paint their magic, Tumalo State Park Campground opens its doors from spring to fall. Blossoms in spring and the golden hues of fall offer a captivating backdrop to your camping escape, promising an experience that evolves with the changing landscapes.


The Deschutes River is like a friendly invitation to all fishing enthusiasts. It promises a calm and peaceful fishing adventure. Just picture yourself by the river’s edge, with your fishing rod in hand, waiting for a big catch. The river whispers, “Come and try your luck!”

But that’s not all!

For those who love excitement and exploration, thrilling trails await you. If you’re a mountain biker, you’re in for a real treat. Central Oregon has some of the most beautiful and adventurous landscapes around. The trails wind through the mountains and forests, calling out to you to come and explore. It’s like nature’s playground; you’re invited to join the fun!

Nearby Attractions

nearby attractions Tumalo State Park Campground

Stepping out of your cozy campground, uncover all the amazing things a campground in Bend Oregon offers. It’s like a treasure hunt in a real-life adventure!

First, let’s explore the heart of the city. Bend is a special place, and its downtown area is like the community’s beating heart. You can taste the local cuisine trying delicious foods you won’t find anywhere else. And remember to visit the charming little shops. They’re like tiny, hidden treasures filled with unique and special items.

Now, for those of you who are true explorers, there’s something even more exciting nearby. Have you ever heard of the Deschutes National Forest? It’s like a magical forest waiting for you to discover. And a special road called the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway takes you on a journey. Along the way, you’ll see stunning lakes that are so beautiful they’ll take your breath away. The landscapes are like something out of a fairy tale.

So, are you ready to explore Bend’s treasures and the enchanting Deschutes National Forest? Your adventure is just beginning!

Reservations at Tumalo State Park – The Best Campground in Bend Oregon

You can make reservations for different types of sites from August to February. Remember, for most sites, you must make your reservation at least 1 day before your planned arrival date.

You can also book your spot up to 6 months in advance, so you can secure your favorite campsite early!

Here are the types of Sites at Tumalo State Park Campground and their rates:

ADA Standard Full: These are campsites designed for people with disabilities. Nightly rates range from $36.00 to $45.00.

ADA Tent: Accessible tent sites with nightly rates between $21.00 and $23.00.

Group Day Use: If planning a group outing, reserve these sites at least 2 days ahead. The rate is $50.00.

Group Tent Only: Reserve at least 1 day in advance at $77.00 for group camping.

Host Site: These sites are available for nightly rates of $33.00.

Standard – Full: Standard campsites with nightly rates ranging from $36.00 to $45.00.

Tent Site: For tent campers, with nightly rates between $21.00 and $23.00.

Yurt: If you want a unique camping experience, try a yurt. Rates range from $46.00 to $61.00.

Now that you have all the details plan your stay and get ready for an amazing camping experience at Tumalo State Park Campground!

2. Shevlin Park – The Best Campground in Bend, Oregon

Shevlin Park – The Best Campground in Bend, Oregon


Discover a hidden paradise at Shevlin Park Campground, surrounded by tall pine trees in Bend, Oregon. Here, you can escape from the noisy world and immerse yourself in the peaceful sounds of rustling leaves and the wonderful smell of the outdoors.


Welcome to a place filled with rustic charm, where nature’s wonders steal the spotlight. The simple vault toilets and fresh, drinkable water make you feel at one with the wilderness. Shevlin Park Campground teaches us that the greatest luxury is the loving embrace of the wild outdoors.

Operating Season

As the sun’s warmth graces the land, Shevlin Park Campground opens its gates to those seeking a deeper connection with nature. This park remains open throughout the year.


activities Shevlin Park – The Best Campground in Bend, Oregon

At Shevlin Park, get ready for some awesome camping fun! It’s a nature wonderland donated way back in 1920. But here’s the twist: most of it is wild and untouched, like a real adventure waiting for you!

  1. Hiking the Loop Trail

Imagine going on a 6-mile hike where you’ll follow the canyon’s edge, march through tall pine trees, and even cross Tumalo Creek twice. Watch out for some short, steep hills – they’ll make you feel like a real explorer!

  • Exploring Tumalo Creek Trail

If you’re into creek-side adventures, follow this 2.5-mile path from the park’s entrance to the park’s southern tip. It even connects with a giant trail system in the Deschutes National Forest. It’s like a secret path to more adventures!

  • Mountain Biking Magic

Bikers, you’re in luck! There’s a trail just for you. It goes along the canyon and hooks up with the Forest Service Mrazek Trail. And guess what? Hikers can join the fun, too. A road even takes you to the Forest Service trail system. It’s a biking bonanza!

So, if you’re a nature lover and an adventure seeker, Shevlin Park is where you want to camp. It’s like a treasure chest of outdoor excitement!

Nearby Attractions

Imagine being surrounded by the peaceful calm of the campground. Still, just a quick drive away, Bend comes alive with excitement! The city has amazing food, beautiful art, and friendly people waiting for you. It’s like having two worlds to explore, one full of nature’s charm and the other bursting with city adventures.

Reservation and Booking

Shevlin Park Campground is a haven for spontaneous adventurers. Arrive early to secure your spot amidst the towering pines. Here, simplicity reigns, and the forest becomes your guide, inviting you to experience the simple joys of camping in its purest form.

3. Deschutes National Forest Campgrounds

Deschutes National Forest Campgrounds

If you’re looking for an amazing camping adventure, look no further than Deschutes National Forest Campgrounds! This magical forest has so much to offer that it feels like it has multiple personalities, and you can explore them all through its scenic byways. Let’s dive into the exciting details:


A Forest of Many Faces Deschutes National Forest is like a land of different personalities, from the gentle forests to the sparkling lakes and challenging trails. You can even feel the dynamic history of the volcanic landscape. It’s like stepping into a world of wonder where nature shows off its many sides.

Opening Season: Adventure Awaits

The best part? You don’t have to wait too long to visit! The campgrounds open in different seasons, so whether you’re a spring, summer, or fall fan, there’s a perfect time to explore and have a blast.

Entertainment Opportunities

Fun for Everyone: Get ready for some incredible fun! Along the scenic byways, you’ll find so much to do. You’ll be in your element if you love lakes, fishing, and rivers. And guess what? There’s even a place to spot eagles soaring high and ospreys catching their dinner. If you’re into hiking, biking, or just enjoying breathtaking views, Deschutes National Forest covers you.


Scenic Byways Galore Imagine driving through open prairies, towering mountains, and lush forests. That’s what Deschutes National Forest’s scenic byways offer. The “Outback” byway is like a journey into the wild, where animals outnumber people. The “Cascade Lakes” byway takes you on a ride past stunning lakes, making it a true adventure for nature lovers.


Comfort in the Wilderness When you’re ready to settle down for the night, you’ll find awesome campgrounds near these byways. There are places like Link Creek, South Shore, and Blue Bay where you can set up your tent or park your RV. And guess what? There are even campgrounds near rivers and lakes, like the magical Suttle Lake and the impressive Wickiup Reservoir.

Reservation and Rent

Reservation and Rent Deschutes National Forest Campgrounds

Plan Your Escape Planning your camping trip is super easy. You can make campground reservations, so you’re all set when you arrive. Whether you’re traveling with your family or friends, there’s a spot for you to enjoy the beauty of Deschutes National Forest.

So, if you’re dreaming of a camping adventure filled with stunning views, exciting activities, and the chance to connect with nature’s different personalities, Deschutes National Forest Campgrounds are calling your name.

Get ready to explore, have fun, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a specific campsite at Tumalo State Park Campground?

Yes, you can book a specific spot for you. But, the Tumalo State Park Campground operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so you must reserve your favorite spot as early as possible.

Are pets allowed at Shevlin Park Campground?

Yes, furry friends are welcome at Shevlin Park Campground, but they must always be kept on a leash.

What’s unique about Deschutes National Forest campgrounds?

Deschutes National Forest campgrounds offer diverse experiences, from lakeside tranquility to lava fields’ mystique. They let you immerse yourself in nature’s beauty while close to Bend’s attractions.

Can I swim in the lakes near Deschutes National Forest campgrounds?

Absolutely! Some campgrounds, like Crane Prairie, offer opportunities for swimming and water activities in their pristine lakes, making your camping adventure even more refreshing.

Are campfires allowed at the National Forest campground?

Yes, you can enjoy a campfire there. It’s a chance to gather around the warmth of a campfire and share stories under the starry Central Oregon sky.


In conclusion, each campground in Bend Oregon, that we have reviewed here offers a world of camping wonders for all nature enthusiasts.

The Tumalo State Park Campground, beside the Deschutes River, provides modern comforts in a natural setting. It’s a perfect spot for both relaxation and adventure.

And the Shevlin Park Campground, nestled among towering pines, offers a rustic escape. Here, you can connect with nature and find peace in the wilderness.

Lastly, the Deschutes National Forest Campgrounds open a symphony of wilderness exploration. With diverse landscapes and activities, they let you create your outdoor story.

Depending on your campground, Bend’s natural beauty and nearby attractions will leave you with lasting memories. So, pack your bags, embark on an adventure, and let Bend’s campgrounds be the backdrop to your next great outdoor experience!

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